What means IT Outsourcing / Managed IT Services ?

This means that you will not need your own IT service, its functions will be fully or partially taken over by the company ITMC.
We will be your IT department, taking care of your infrastructure and ensuring that it works smoothly and efficiently.

5 Reason why you should choose us:

Product is created according to your needs

Our goal is not to sell your existing product and increase sales, our goal is to make your IT system as useful as possible for you. So the first thing we do: we come to you, we study your problems and requirements, we add to our knowledge and experience, and together with you we create the product that your company needs today.

You have more resources for your main business

You will have more time and resources to focus on your main business problems while we take care of the technical issues.


You will save a considerable amount of money as our contract will cost you much less than keeping your own staff of similar qualifications.

High quality service

Higher category specialists will work for you, whose professionalism is confirmed by the certifications of advanced vendors (such as: Microsoft, CISCO,.).

You will be ahead of time

In our experience, most of the Georgian companies in terms of IT technologies are left in the 20th century, the reason is that in the 21st century the IT field has become very complicated, there are many areas, which need to be fully reflected in the business process requires professional staff in many areas. : Only a profile company can provide you with 21st century IT services.

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